Flying Bee Animations offers a large and ever-growing collection of fun & funky artful images. Send them by email or share them on Facebook and Pinterest.

A one-year subscription of only $15 gives you unlimited access to all of the animated gifs on this site. There are animations for just about every occasion, and greetings can be customized to fit your needs. We can also animate the image of your choice (provided it’s not copyright protected). Pricing is on an individual basis and depends upon the complexity of the image.  CONTACT us for more info.

Flying Bee Animations founder, Jane English, fell in love with animation when she figured out how to make a drawing of a vintage biplane fly across the sky.  Life hasn’t been the same since. This passion for appropriating, altering and animating just about any enticing image has evolved from a hobby into a business. In another life, she was an art historian and holds MA and MPhil degrees from Columbia University in NYC.